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eFormula nearly here!

The Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey bandwagon rolls on!

This year's mega release is called eformula and if you check it out right away, you can grab 2 pieces of free software that will make your niche research and domain buying much easier.

Keyword Blaze is a fully updated version of the keyword software that came with the Blueprint series of products and the extra new plugin lets you find top ten domains that are ripe for purchase - complete with all their existing Google love and traffic.

As usual, you'll need to add your email to get hold of them, but even if you don't buy eformula these will be of great help to you.

Check them out here ->

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Blueprint Black Bonus – The Good News and the Bad News

Steve and Tim are re-opening the Bluprint Project: Black Edition for a brief spell today (25th).

If you were one of the folk who were disappointed when it closed so quickly last week, that means you have one more chance to pick up the course and my bonus of a 32GB ipod touch. Head over to if you know you want it immediately.

If you want to check out my reasoning behind the bonus, you can find all the details of my bonus over at

No matter what you decide, jump in quick, as this offer will be open only from 12pm EST for a 24 hour period.


The Blueprint Project Black Edition Bonus

The day is nearly here – The Blueprint Project: Black Edition from Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey is due to be released tomorrow (the 11th).

If you're looking for the very best Blueprint Project Black Edition Bonus, then head over to to find out what I am offering to my customers.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Steve Clayton

Who is Steve Clayton?

Steve Clayton is the co-author (along with Tim Godfrey) of the highly successful "Blueprint" guides to internet marketing. The latest in that series, "The Blueprint Project: Black Edition" is due for release in early January 2011 and seems set to receive the same praise that earlier releases have seen.

What has Steve Clayton been involved with before?

Users of Steve's earlier products have been very successful in the areas they covered; areas such as product creation, affiliate selling and also in  building a true e-commerce business based on drop-shipping. It is this last subject that the Blueprint Project Black Edition returns to and takes to the next level in this latest release. The pre-release material is already starting to look extremely valuable, with the promise of two free tools just for watching the pre-launch stuff.

Check out the first pre-launch video from Steve Clayton, where he talks about some of the successes that have come from following this path and about what the Blueprint Project will offer.

If you want to see that video, go here.